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I've transcribed many of my poems into limited edition prints: the texts are printed onto embossed backgrounds made from hand-cut plates.


The images themselves are ink-free, continuing the reading convention in which each reader creates the colours of a story in their own mind.

The photos posted here are cropped close-ups of a small selection of prints, including some that illustrate a few of my poems for children.


View them full-on in a bright light and the shapes disappear; view them in shadow with a side light and the shapes will come to life.

If you'd like to see more please email:

If you'd like to buy, poem-prints are:

21 x 21cm £50

297 x 210 cm £70

Each one is packed flat and sent as Royal Mail Signed For (UK addresses).

Out To Lunch

How To Be A Better Cowboy

Margate Rides

Vivie - Bramble

Two Miracles Make A Saint

Instructions For A Witch

Screen Envy

The Light Bulb Acrobat

Vivie - Barley

What If

Sock Life

Look, I Found A Cat