Happiness on a Loop

Stagecoach Loop: Ramsgate to Broadstairs.

A woman gets on the bus and asks for a ticket to the next stop.

‘One pound ten’ says the driver.

‘One pound ten? To the next stop? I’m only going to the next stop. One pound ten?’

The driver nods.

Begrudgingly, she buys the ticket and addresses us all as she walks down the aisle to take a seat.

‘One pound ten! To the next stop! That’s just one stop! It’s disgusting’ she says.

A few passengers murmur in agreement.

I want to say something about minimal unit costs versus user inefficacies but I don’t want to look an arse.

As the next stop approaches, the woman calls out to the driver.

‘Can I use this ticket to go one stop more?’

We see the driver nod in his glass box.

‘In that case’, she tells us, ‘I’ll go two stops and get the second one for free.’

She laughs, pleased with her new plan.

At the second stop, the woman gets off and calls goodbye to everyone.

She starts walking back to the first stop, a broad smile on her face.

It’s no wonder that contentment eludes me in life: I clearly need to rethink my goal-setting.