Code of Equality

  • To increase the bonds between every citizen of this country, memories are no longer admissible within conversation.

  • To avoid further fragmentation of the population and the establishment of national factions, no discourse may include personal reminiscence.

  • To prevent difference or the perception of difference between citizens, a past experience may not be alluded to, since it may disquiet those who have not had the same experience.

  • To provide equal standing for all, individuals may share only that which they have in common, starting from the moment in time at which they begin each verbal or written exchange.

  • To progress inclusion and the paralleling of convention, all referencing of past events and sentiments encompassing childhood, family, faith, employment and leisure are unsuitable for discussion.

  • To fulfil the distinct and independent potential of every citizen, no vocalisation (physical or digital) may tender the distinct and independent remembrances of any citizen.