Not me, guv

Wearing a face covering recently became mandatory in retail outlets as well as public transport. I've seen so many personal interpretations of the rule, I'm left wondering just how stupid we British are. Some examples:

Woman hurries down to corner shop but at the entrance, stops, remembers she’s not brought her mask. Asks a stranger in the street, Can I just quickly borrow yours?

Man pulls football scarf across his face to board the bus, then pulls it down to make a call in which he says It’s fucking unbelievable that after running for the bus, it won’t be leaving straight away.

Unmasked teenager cajoles the bus driver, I’ve got one but I left it at a party. Incensed because the driver doesn’t buy her reasoning, she throws her bag down on the pavement in a huff.

Morning, says a man as he walks past the platform guard, then boards the train, sits down and lowers his mask, exposing mouth and nose. Thank God for that! he tells our wary eyes.